Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ladies, what about our men turns us on more than anything else? 

We love when they do pushups and then immediately show us how big their muscles are.  We really love when they do the dishes and laundry, and sweep the floor.   We love when they grab our hand, or give us a big smooch in public.  We love when they hold us tight.  We love when they come home from work, ask us about our day, and look at us and are engaged while we talk.  We love when they cook alongside us. 

But what do we love most of all?  Ok, I can’t really speak collectively here, but what do I love most of all?

I absolutely burst inside when I walk into the boys’ room and see Mark leaning against the wall, reading with both boys on his lap.  

I adore looking up from dinner prep to see Mark being tackled and tackling two energetic giggling boys while Grady crawls around them in circles.

I cherish the moments Mark presses his prickly man cheek against Grady’s soft, chubby baby cheek and just sits there for a moment. 

I eat up the moments that Mark teaches the boys about catching fish, or treating women special, or telling the truth, or about Jesus, and the look of complete trust in those boys’ eyes. 

Nothing gets me like seeing my man be a great daddy.  Now that is SEXY!

Since we moved to Utah and Mark began working for Rio Tinto there have been some busy times, even a couple of months where he worked all day and into the night, returning home long after the kids were asleep, but overall his schedule has been so much better than any other time in our 6.5 years of marriage.  I am so grateful for his job, which allows him to see these three amazing boys and be a good daddy to them.  I am much more grateful for a husband who loves his kids and also loves to play with them. 

Russell speaks for all three boys when he says that Daddy is the “strongest, most fun to play with, best daddy in our family.”  I know the competition of a dad, “in our family” is not too strong, but to Russell it means the world.  The attribute of “handsomest in the family” apparently goes to Lukey, and “smartest in the family” goes to Russell himself, “cutest in the family” of course goes to Grady. 

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