Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Friday I was on my way home from picking up Russell from pre-school when Mark called me and told me about the Connecticut shooting.  I immediately began to cry.  Russell was listening to my side of the conversation and concluded that some children had died.  I was crying uncontrollably by the time we got home and suggested we pray for all those who were feeling pain and sadness.

Russell said he wanted to say the prayer and it went like this, "Dear Heavenly Father, please please please help those little kids be happy in heaven with Jesus.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." 

Later that day he told Mark and I, "I can't wait to go to heaven! Because I can't wait to play with Jesus."  His desire to play with Jesus was so innocent, sweet and genuine that Mark and I just looked at each other and gave him a hug.

He quickly followed up with, "I don't think Lukey will like heaven though.  Cause he's REALLY crazy." 

I think Jesus would make sure that heaven would be the most wonderful place, even for rambunctious mischief makers like Lukey. 

We are so grateful for each day we get with our boys, and are completely devastated for all those parents, family members, teachers and friends that lost loved ones last week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This week at our house...

The other night Mark looked into my eyes with the most serious expression I have ever seen on his face.  There was not even the slightest indication of a smile.  Staring straight into my eyes he said, “Bekah, I need you to promise me that you will go get your oil changed tomorrow.” 

A  horrific request with three wild, loud boys.  But with the intense look he was giving me, I felt I would be a fool to even question it. 

So, the next day the three boys and I were off to get the oil changed.  The hour we ran around the waiting room was as bad, exhausting, humiliating as I had imagined it would be, and I was relieved when the oil-change-man finally came walking through the door with my keys in hand.  I quickly grabbed the keys, and the kids, and within minutes they were strapped into submission and we were on our way.

When Mark got home from work I looked right at him with pride and told him that I had indeed had my oil changed today, with all three boys! I was very eagerly awaiting some good praise and admiration when he asked, “How much did it cost?”

“I even remembered to bring along the coupon you showed me.  You know, I don’t think they even ran my card.  That’s weird, I wonder if they have yours on file or something.” Said I.

By the grin I could see forming I knew my praise was not coming. “Yeah, they called me right after you left and said that my wife had ran out without paying, and could I please pay for the services.” 

For some reason I find this very funny.  I can just see those oil-change-guys watching me snatch my keys sprint to the car, strap the kids down in record time and peel away.

Also this week;

The next day I was in the family room talking to Mark on the phone when I heard very loud banging coming from the laundry room.  I had that feeling. The one that says, “Run”.  Ran to the laundry room to see Luke, upside down, in the dryer, which was on, going around and around.  Russell was standing guiltily with his finger on the start button, screaming bloody murder.  Russ Russ was horrified.  I was pretending to cry, but was really laughing hysterically. Lukey cried for a total of ten seconds. 

Lukey has been saying, “Lukey go’d in dryner.  Russo push a button. Lukey go roun an roun”  as he makes big circles with his arms. 

Time to start using the child lock option on our washer and dryer.
Crazy mama who is losing her memory...
Two biggest little mischief makers around...

Grady eating dirt...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our first big house project.  Unfortunately I did not take more pictures of what the kitchen looked like before,but here it is.

Mark and I worked our bums off, and about 45 hours of hard work later this is what we have.

We changed the cabinet color from a very dark brown to white, and the paint color on the walls from a pink/beige to a blue/gray.

As you can see, it is still not completely finished.  We have one more drawer and three more cabinets to put back up. I am very happy with how it turned out.  It was such gratifying work and I enjoyed working alongside Mark in making our home our own.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interview with Grady on his 10 month birthday

I:  Tell me about what you can remember from the beginning of your life.

G:  I tried really hard to break free at 32 weeks, but was not successful.  It took me another 6 weeks to perfect my second escape plan, and this time it was executed with perfection.  I stuck my finger right through that sack of water I had been living in, and whoosh, there was no turning back.

Soon I wished I was back inside.


I:  Why is that?

G:  Well, the first 2 days were a luxurious vacation.  Mom and dad and I just watched movies, snuggled, slept and drank warm sugar milk.  But then they brought me home and these two big, loud, wild boys could not keep off of me and they kissed and coughed all over my face.

Before I knew it I was not feeling so good and I was back in the hospital.  This was illness #1. 

Kicked that, but it didn't take too long for me to realize that I had the reflux, real bad.  My parents took a bit longer to figure out why the heck I could not stop screaming.  They got one thing right though, I loved to bounce.  They would sit on that red exercise ball, hold me close and bounce.  Then, and only then would the blistering pain subside enough for me not to scream.

As if this was not enough I got sick at least a dozen times in the first four months, had a few ear infections, and broke out in huge hives all over my body a couple of times.

And to make matters worse, my mom and dad couldn’t even name me.  They called me a new name every few days and just as I started to connect with it they would change it again.  Daddy would come home from work every night, bounce and bounce and bounce me, look down into my incredibly cute face and ask, “What is your name little buddy?” 

Grady. That is what we all finally decided, and boy am I a Grady.  It took us two months, plus the 9 they were pregnant with me.  Sheesh.

Mommy always knew I was an incredibly happy, joyful spirit though.  I remember one night she looked at me fondly and said, “Isn’t he so cute Mark?  He is definitely the happiest baby we have had.”

Dad looked down at me in pure bewilderment and exhausted confusion with an expression that clearly said, ‘Are you crazy?  This is the saddest baby I have ever seen!’

But I grew, and the blistering throat stopped, and I was so happy to feel better that I have been pretty merry ever since. 

In the first five months of my life I perfected my shriek, sob, cry, snivel, whimper and weep.    I took the next five months to perfect my giggle, guttural laugh, snicker, grin, chuckle and chortle.  Holy moly, I am adorable.

I:  What is it like being the third child?  Do you ever feel like you are forgotten?

G:  Some people think that by the time the third kid comes around the poor little babe does not get enough attention.  They could not be more wrong.  Instead of just having a mom and dad admire and care for me, I have four people constantly adoring me.

Everyone in this family is quite lovesick over me.  Lukey never even purposefully hits, kicks or throws toys at me anymore.  


I:  Have you been working on any skills?

G:  Look lady, I came out as a helpless blob, and now I can crawl around with great agility, stand up, and dance like nobody’s business.  I am beyond satisfied with my skills. That is why I can’t stop smiling.

I have also been working on a different skill.  For the last ten months I have watched the one they call Lukey disassemble, destroy, shatter and break  many things.  I have learned a lot from my observations and the other day I saw my chance to present myself as a true threat to the items in this home.  Lukey and I worked side by side in silent camaraderie to completely take apart and take off the doors on the t.v. stand.  Skills? I think so.


I:  Any particular events in your life that have a special place in your memory?

G:  I have done something that many have never yet had the chance to do.  I got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital.  

You see, I love to put things in my mouth?  Who doesn’t? It’s all the rage.  But I also like to store them in my mouth for long periods of time.  Much like a chipmunk. 

Long story short; found a button, went in the mouth, choked, mom frantic, dad frantic, emergency room, ambulance to primary children’s hospital, x-ray (most adorable bones anyone has ever seen), i.v., sleep, bronchoscopy, home. 


I:  Well it sounds like you have been able to lead a pretty exciting life thus far and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.

G:  Thanks, let’s meet up again in another ten months. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

That's all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ladies, what about our men turns us on more than anything else? 

We love when they do pushups and then immediately show us how big their muscles are.  We really love when they do the dishes and laundry, and sweep the floor.   We love when they grab our hand, or give us a big smooch in public.  We love when they hold us tight.  We love when they come home from work, ask us about our day, and look at us and are engaged while we talk.  We love when they cook alongside us. 

But what do we love most of all?  Ok, I can’t really speak collectively here, but what do I love most of all?

I absolutely burst inside when I walk into the boys’ room and see Mark leaning against the wall, reading with both boys on his lap.  

I adore looking up from dinner prep to see Mark being tackled and tackling two energetic giggling boys while Grady crawls around them in circles.

I cherish the moments Mark presses his prickly man cheek against Grady’s soft, chubby baby cheek and just sits there for a moment. 

I eat up the moments that Mark teaches the boys about catching fish, or treating women special, or telling the truth, or about Jesus, and the look of complete trust in those boys’ eyes. 

Nothing gets me like seeing my man be a great daddy.  Now that is SEXY!

Since we moved to Utah and Mark began working for Rio Tinto there have been some busy times, even a couple of months where he worked all day and into the night, returning home long after the kids were asleep, but overall his schedule has been so much better than any other time in our 6.5 years of marriage.  I am so grateful for his job, which allows him to see these three amazing boys and be a good daddy to them.  I am much more grateful for a husband who loves his kids and also loves to play with them. 

Russell speaks for all three boys when he says that Daddy is the “strongest, most fun to play with, best daddy in our family.”  I know the competition of a dad, “in our family” is not too strong, but to Russell it means the world.  The attribute of “handsomest in the family” apparently goes to Lukey, and “smartest in the family” goes to Russell himself, “cutest in the family” of course goes to Grady. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

A few days ago I was hanging with my sister-in-law Becky, and she asked how the house hunt was going.  “It is kind of like dating all over again, without the kissing, which makes it not nearly so fun”. 

I know I have a tendency to relate everything to dating, but hear me out. 

What was dating like?  Try to recall accurately.  We mostly remember the fun times, but dig deep and reminisce over the times you sat at Denny’s across from a boy who was no fun to look at, and you were bored, and he made you feel a little uncomfortable?   

Let me tell you, there are a homes-a-plenty that are not fun to look at, and make me bored, as well as slightly uncomfortable. 

Remember how you were so excited to finally be permitted to date, and you were filled with butterflies and excitement at the dating starting gates?

This is precisely how I felt when we were off to see homes for the first time.

Remember when you were out on a date wishing you were back at your apartment in your comfy pants eating ice cream with your roommates and working on a puzzle instead of spending those four hours on that date.

I almost always wish I was back at home in my comfy pants, eating ice cream with my totally awesome roommate Mark, and working on a puzzle, or rather, watching Downton Abbey instead of spending those hours house hunting. 

Remember how you would finally find one you liked and you would go out with him one time, then two times, then three times, and then kiss and kiss,  and it was such fun?

Well it is the same with a house.  You finally find on you like and you go see it once, then twice, then three times, and you introduce it to your friends and family, but you don’t kiss it, cause that would be C-R-A-Z-Y, but it is starting to be sort of fun.

And then you would fall in love with this boy and imagine your future together.  And kiss some more.

Likewise, you look at this house and imagine yourself and your family doing every day activities together, and it starts to feel so real and magical.

And then you break up and cry, and then make up and kiss a lot, and then break up and cry again.

We have done our share of breaking up with houses and crying. I do the crying, not Mark.

And some aunt always said, “It only takes one time.  You just have to find the right one once.”

And I keep saying that to myself over and over, and holy cow, I wish I could just get married already and this waste of time house hunting would be gone forever!!!

And then all of your friends find the right one and get married and you are just waiting and looking and

See the parallel now?

Well, after seeing somewhere between 40 and 50 houses and making a handful of offers, I think we have finally found that special one. 

Here in good old Sandy, Utah. 

We close on Nov 5th at which point it will be official.  Hallelujah. 
Here she is.